• Office Complexes

  • Hospitality

  • Government & Municipal Complexes

  • Retail

  • Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Foodservice

  • Schools & University Campuses

  • Residential Complexes & High-Rises

  • Senior Care

  • Medical

  • Sports & Entertainment

Office Complexes

To keep corporate spaces looking, well, corporate, we assume total ownership of all the maintenance matters involved with the entire building. This includes but is not limited to the upkeep of common areas, reception, washing stations and beyond.


QFS performs cleanup services on regular or occasional schedules for hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, special events, and other spaces in the hospitality industry. From public banquets to private parties, dependable clean care is our specialty.

Government & Municipal Complexes

Local, municipal and federal facilities rely on us to service their exacting needs for daily, weekly or monthly janitorial upkeep. QFS maintains perfectly sanitary conditions while securing fresh, tidy office spaces for government employees and officials.


High-traffic retail spaces enjoy round-the-clock trash removal, floor and carpet cleaning, and other essential services. QFS is confidently contracted for showrooms, individual boutiques, and strip or indoor malls to keep shoppers spiffy and happy.

Industrial & Manufacturing

QFS offers professional maintenance for warehouses and industrial facilities. With custom scheduling, cutting-edge cleaning techniques and premium products, operations run smoothly, workers stay safe, and equipment goes uncompromised.


New York restaurants and bars depend on us to keep their front and back of house clean and up to code. When public health and hygiene are at stake, QFS exhibits the know-how and commitment to apply care to the most tedious services.

Schools & University Campuses

Schools and higher education campuses require special care and scheduling to ensure student health and concentration. QFS works all hours of the day and night to polish the restrooms, classrooms and cafeterias at private, public and higher learning institutions.

Residential Complexes & High-Rises

Many of our clients need help maintaining communal spaces in their condominium communities and apartment complexes. We perform regular and occasional services including trash removal, carpet cleaning, general upkeep and more.

Senior Care

QFS is a healthy partner to nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and other live-in properties requiring special consideration and care. We work around the clock to furnish janitorial and maintenance services with no interruption to residents’ routines.


Hospitals, laboratories and clinics turn to QFS for sterile cleaning services. We eliminate cross-contamination risk, ensure sanitary conditions, use FDA-approved cleaning supplies, and abide by proper protocol when handling hazardous waste.

Sports & Entertainment

Maintenance is the name of our game, and we get a kick out of cleaning up on a massive scale. That’s why regional sports facilities and concert venues trust QFS to deliver ample manpower and top-to-bottom cleaning so the show goes on.