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And We Go the Extra Mile, Every Day.


Over a Decade of Cleaner Solutions

In 2000, we opened our doors as a locally-focused maintenance company with a mission to treat each facility with the pride and care of ownership, including high quality standards and follow-through.

Today, QFS has a new vision: as a leading facility solutions provider, we strive to continuously expand the quality of our services to foster growth, satisfaction, and the confidence of a job well-done in every facility under our care.

Personal, Reliable, and High Quality.

That’s the QFS difference.



WE’RE PROACTIVE We develop value-adding solutions for each property and continuously follow up to make sure that each service is maintained and supported, adapting to changing needs with immediate response.

WE’RE INTEGRATED With multiple services under our name, you can get a coordinated package of our highly-trained, certified, and fully-insured cleaning, management, and staffing personnel with just one phone call.

AND WE’RE COMPREHENSIVE  We provide a complete range of custodial, mid and post-construction, staffing, and emergency restoration services to handle any need, any mess, and any solution, anytime.


A Personal Touch

The QFS name stands for a tradition of care and personal consideration for every client and every project. Our clients know they can reach their project representative anytime with questions, comments, and concerns—and get a fast, attentive response by the QFS manager that knows their property.

A Safer Future

We’re committed to a brighter future, and that includes a safer world for everyone. Every project is handled with the utmost legal and industry standards for worker and occupant safety, and we use exclusively eco-friendly formulas and methods to keep our air as clean as we found it.

Our workers and staff are OSHA-certified, fully-insured, and trained in safe, effective maintenance and security protocols.

A Commitment to Excellence, Every Day

We do more than maintenance, upkeep, and staffing for your property. QFS is dedicated to building value for your facility and organization, growing with you and your needs to accommodate a changing world.

The people of qfs


CEO and Co-Founder With over 20 years of hospital...
CEO and Co-Founder 
With over 20 years of hospitality, foodservice, and wholesale experience, Esther develops service plans with her understanding of the sector-specific needs of our diverse facility owners. As Co-Founder, CEO, and busy Brooklyn mom, Esther has been there since the very start--helping QFS grow from day one and reorganizing our many divisions to keep us running as efficiently as possible.
President and Co-FounderIn 1999, Yidel Falkowitz l...
President and Co-Founder
In 1999, Yidel Falkowitz launched Quality Floorshine to offer local businesses superior facility solutions. Building on his prior experience in operations management, Yidel’s vision for Quality Floorshine soon developed into the QFS of today: providing maintenance, concierge, and special services for properties across the USA. Yidel boasts the titles of a visionary leader, President of QFS and active partner in multiple companies, and Board Member in local community organizations and charities--but he’s still always just one phone call away for every QFS client.
  Partner & President of Security and Co...
Partner & President of Security and Concierge 
In 2007, Abe launched VIP Concierge to meet the demand for cost-effective, reliable staffing services from the client facilities of his property management company. Under Abe’s leadership and hands-on property management expertise,  VIP Concierge soon expanded to a leading provider of professionally-trained service personnel for facilities across the tri-state area--eventually acquiring Greater Shield to offer specialized security and safety staffing. Today, Abe’s collaborative partnership with Yidel enables both QFS and VIP/GSS to offer facilities a comprehensive package of skilled facility solutions for increased value and business growth.
Executive Vice President As a master of all trades...

Executive Vice President

As a master of all trades, Isaac integrates multiple organizational functions---including sales, operations, and business development-to focus on our company goals. He directs all Regional and Area Managers, maintains operating budgets, and actively recruits new employees. With a background in supply chains and logistics, Isaac developed the valuable skills needed to supervise teams, coordinate large-scale projects, and iron out complex logistical challenges.
Chief Financial OfficerAs CFO, Benjamin leads the ...
Chief Financial Officer
As CFO, Benjamin leads the QFS finances with absolute integrity and a belief in company-wide transparency. With over 8 years of financial leadership experience and Excelsior College education behind him, Benjamin maintains the credit and cash flow needed for our large-scale maintenance projects.
Chief Marketing Officer   As Chief Marketing ...

Chief Marketing Officer


As Chief Marketing Officer, Moshe leads and oversees all aspects of QFS marketing. As a marketing specialist with over 7 years of experience leading a creative marketing agency, Moshe drives the QFS missions to understand our clients and connect with our customers with a personal focus. Managing all materials and communications, Moshe brings the QFS message and values to every QFS facility. With a passion for excellence and the QFS mission, Moshe’s marketing expertise allows the team and QFS customers to partner for a shared goal of facility value.  

ControllerAs our Controller, Leiby focuses on our ...
As our Controller, Leiby focuses on our financial transparency, compliance, and certified payroll. With a successful accounting background specializing in taxation, Leiby handles the complexities of fiscal responsibility and compliance with expertise, savvy, and a BS in Accounting from Excelsior College.
  Human ResourcesOur dedicated Human Resource...
Human Resources
Our dedicated Human Resources coordinator, Alika has a passion for helping QFS employees achieve their best in an organized, positive work environment. With a Bachelor’s in International Relations from the University of Guyana, Alika has specialized experience in Workers Compensation, Unemployment, Payroll Processing, Record Management, HR Policy Development, Compliance, Auditing, and Recruitment. Her focus on fostering a transparent workplace, building communication, and encouraging employee leadership helps the QFS team work better and easier, making her position in HR one of our top company assets.
  General Manager Our General Manager since 2...

General Manager

Our General Manager since 2009, Burton leverages 25 years of industry management experience in leading companies to grow the QFS operations. Burton has implemented staffing policies, contracting procedures, and team safety improvements to make QFS run smoother and safer for everyone.
Director of Restoration and Special Services  Our...

Director of Restoration and Special Services 

Our Director of Restoration, Aharon is our customer’s first call after natural disasters or unexpected damage hit home, and his dedication to clients under his care is unmatched. With years of experience in emergency response and construction behind him, Aharon leads an IICRC-certified team of professionals with specialized expertise in water damage restoration, fire and smoke restoration, and mold remediation. Aharon’s get-it-done approach allows him to provide every property with the expert, hands-on service needed to renovate and restore without worry.
  Director of Day LaborersEquipped with a bro...
Director of Day Laborers
Equipped with a broad background in real estate development and construction, Tuly Weiss leads the QFS Day Laborers division with flexibility and dedication.  His long-time familiarity with a variety of construction industries gives him the insight to select and match  highly-skilled laborers with constructions sites throughout the tri-state area. Tuly joined QFS in 2009, and has maintained a strong focus on site and employee safety. In keeping with the QFS tradition of excellence, Tuly screens each member of the workforce for clean background, high level of skill, and compliance with OSHA regulations. 
Post Construction As our Director of Post-Construc...
Post Construction
As our Director of Post-Construction, Isaac combines a background in the construction industry with an attention to detail and quality standards for impeccable results. With years of experience behind him, Isaac ensures that the mess and stress of completed construction projects are fully handled. Whether it’s cleaning, tidying, or debris removal, Isaac and his team allow client properties to proceed to their post-construction growth without delay.
Director of Security Our Director of Security and ...
Director of Security
Our Director of Security and Staffing, including Greater Shield and VIP Concierge, Yesi manages the safety and operations of a range of QFS facilities. With an extensive background in facility security, Yesi provides the expertise and the trained personnel needed to keep client properties protected and operating smoothly. From front-desk receptionists to 24-hour security, Yesi’s multi-faceted specialties and expert supervision allow her to guide each staffing project to a satisfying resolution.
Office Manager Although Heshie joined QFS as our I...
Office Manager Although Heshie joined QFS as our IT Director, his problem-solving and technical know-how brought him to the position of Office Manager. Known for his quick resolution skills, Heshie plays a key role in ensuring that QFS administration, billing, and account management are able to function at full speed. With his IT experience and get-it-done attitude, Heshie has implemented many time- and money-saving operations to keep QFS serving our facilities better.
Regional DirectorAn expert in the industry, Ruben ...
Regional Director
An expert in the industry, Ruben plays a key role as QFS Regional Director. With a background of management and project supervision, Ruben brings his trademark problem-resolution skills to QFS projects across the tri-state area. His industry experience and commitment to customer satisfaction are evident in the quality standards of every facility under his care. Under Ruben’s management, projects are maintained with attention to detail, efficiency, and facility growth above all.
  Area ManagerAn integral member of the QFS t...
Area Manager
An integral member of the QFS team, Ariel manages QFS projects to ensure that we provide the services and standards to exceed customer expectations. Ariel ensures all personnel are highly trained for safety and efficiency, and that all contract specifications are fulfilled. Known for prompt responses and problem resolution, Ariel is our clients’ trusted contact for every project need.
Director of ARSandra joined QFS in 2014, bringing ...
Director of AR
Sandra joined QFS in 2014, bringing her focus on communication and efficiency to our team. With her training in Business Management, Sandra coordinates with new and existing clients to ensure that all client needs are fully and promptly satisfied. Sandra’s commitment to our customers and passion for contributing to QFS’s every day growth ensures that client accounts are maintained effectively and that our team and our clients communicate easier for optimal results.
Account Director
Account Director
Office EmployeeAs Executive Assistant, few people ...
Office Employee
As Executive Assistant, few people play as important a role in keeping QFS running smoothly as Chany. With her attention to detail and service-with-a-smile approach, Chany assists QFS executives with tasks big and small. From administrative tasks to content research, Chany’s detail-focused approach to every project keeps QFS running smoothly every day.
Bookkeeper, GSS / VIP
Bookkeeper, GSS / VIP
Executive AssistantTammy’s been with QFS since t...
Executive Assistant
Tammy’s been with QFS since the start, and her expertise is evident in her multi-faceted contributions to our administration. Tammy manages and develops all QFS project proposals, outlining and creating plans that meet every facility need and detail that requires attention. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and transparent communication, Tammy is a key member of the QFS administrative team.

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