Mid-Construction & Laborers

Providing a cleaner, safer foundation for construction projects

Service Details

QFS provides mid-construction cleaning, safety personnel, and manual laborers to keep your construction site on-track and on-schedule. With on-site supervision and attendance tracking, we coordinate all QFS crew members and services—-ensuring your worksite stays safe, secure, and well-maintained for project efficiency.

Our Staff

QFS Mid-Constructions laborers are screened, trained, and fully-insured to maintain your job site with complete indemnity for work-related injuries and NY Labor Law. With full OSHA-certification and on-site supervision, our workers are committed to the highest standards of safety and legal regulations.

Ted Schonfeld

VP of Sales, Laborers Division

As our Sales Lead for the QFS Laborer division, Ted is focused on people first. His broad expertise and commitment to customer services allow him to connect and understand the properties, teams, and people QFS serves. Backed by an in-depth familiarity with our laborer services and customer needs, Ted guides each QFS property to the labor, compliance, and on-site services that take them further.

Moshe Engel

Account Executive for Labor Division
Safety Program Director

Moshe manages accounts for the QFS Day Laborers division with flexibility, organization, and unparalleled dedication to site and employee safety. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Moshe brings extensive construction knowledge and hands-on expertise to ensure every property account is well-managed and serviced. In keeping with the QFS tradition of excellence, Moshe is committed to high standards of attention, support, and fast turnaround for every QFS customer.