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Mid-Construction & Laborers

Providing a cleaner, safer foundation for construction projects

Service Details

QFS provides mid-construction cleaning, safety personnel, and manual laborers to keep your construction site on-track and on-schedule. With on-site supervision and attendance tracking, we coordinate all QFS crew members and services—-ensuring your worksite stays safe, secure, and well-maintained for project efficiency.

Our Staff

QFS Mid-Constructions laborers are screened, trained, and fully-insured to maintain your job site with complete indemnity for work-related injuries and NY Labor Law. With full OSHA-certification and on-site supervision, our workers are committed to the highest standards of safety and legal regulations.

Ted Schonfeld

VP of Sales, Laborers Division

As our Sales Lead for the QFS Laborer division, Ted is focused on people first. His broad expertise and commitment to customer services allow him to connect and understand the properties, teams, and people QFS serves. Backed by an in-depth familiarity with our laborer services and customer needs, Ted guides each QFS property to the labor, compliance, and on-site services that take them further.

Moshe Engel

Account Executive for Labor Division
Safety Program Director

Moshe manages accounts for the QFS Day Laborers division with flexibility, organization, and unparalleled dedication to site and employee safety. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Moshe brings extensive construction knowledge and hands-on expertise to ensure every property account is well-managed and serviced. In keeping with the QFS tradition of excellence, Moshe is committed to high standards of attention, support, and fast turnaround for every QFS customer.

Our Unique Approach to Construction Management
We’re built a little differently… At QFS, we b...

We’re built a little differently…

At QFS, we believe that construction staffing is as much about building solid teams as it is about supplying labor. We don’t find you laborers. We provide you with hardworking, dedicated staff who have a passion for your project and will stick with you for the long haul.

Even with all the right tools and the best materials, a building will only stand strong if all the pieces fit together. Machines don’t build buildings. People do. And, our mission is to find you the right people who will make it all fit together. 

We believe teams work better when everyone is on the same page. Our staffers take the time to not only understand your needs, but the strengths, preferences, and skill sets of every single worker. Our thorough evaluation process ensures you are matched with the right people you need to get the job done to your satisfaction. 

A holistic approach 

Successful projects require more than manpower. It’s not only about the number of workers you have, but about having a quality team who is the right fit for your goals. That's why we’re careful to only place workers on the kinds of projects that will highlight their unique talents, abilities, and strengths. Our aim is to equip you with teams that are tailor fit to your needs.  

It’s all about the follow through

We don't stop at recruitment and placement. Our managers rotate to every job site, checking in with staff, making sure things are going smoothly and that everyone is performing to their full potential. 

We follow up to keep everyone on track so your project will be completed successfully and in a timely fashion. 

The sky’s the limit

An edifice must be built on a solid foundation of support. Without it, the whole thing will collapse and come crumbling down. However, when you build something on the right foundation, the sky's the limit! 

We’re not punching a clock. We don’t stop until the job is done. Our staffers are known to go above and beyond the call of duty, finding workers with specialized knowledge or certifications, sourcing hard-to-find materials, and even arranging for your job site’s carting, washing centers, and more -- anything we can do to lighten the load and make your life a little bit easier. 

Let’s start building a relationship that will take your business to new heights. 

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Moshe Engel
Operations Manager, Laborer Division
Operations Manager, Laborer Division