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Security and Concierge Services

Security and Concierge Services

Easier staffing, complete peace of mind, backed by QFS.

Services Include:

Security & Patrols
Concierge & Doorman
Fire Protection
Day Laborers

Service Details:

QFS provides security and service staffing for your facility’s daily maintenance, management, and hospitality. With dedication to customer service and up-to-date training in security and guest management practices, QFS Concierge & Security Services allow you to run your facility with confidence.

Our Staff:

Every facility staff member is thoroughly screened, trained, and supervised to suit our clients’ safety, security, and professional standards for facility operations and visitor experience.

Our Concierge & Security Services divisions are under the direct management of Yesi Lura:

Director of Security

Yesi LOra

Get to Know Yesi: Our Director of Security and Staffing, including Greater Shield and VIP Concierge, Yesi manages the safety and operations a diverse selection of QFS facilities. With her extensive background in facility security, Yesi provides the industry expertise and hand-selected personnel needed to keep each client property protected and operating smoothly. Whether a facility requires 9-to-5 receptionists or 24-hour security, Yesi’s multi-faceted specialties and expert supervision allow her to guide each staffing project to a satisfying resolution.

TEL: 718.935.9923 x 206

Yesi is just one phone call away for safer, smoother facility staffing.

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