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Security and concierge services

QFS offers a range of security and concierge personnel for customizable, adaptive staffing needs. We take responsibility for screening, hiring, and training concierge, front desk ambassadors, and security officers to ensure your peace of mind with safety and security services.

Service Details:

QFS supervises daily maintenance and management services through on-site concierge, front desk ambassadors, and security officers for your facility. With dedication to customer service and up-to-date training in security and guest management practices, QFS Concierge & Security Services allow you to run your facility with confidence.

Our Staff:

Every facility staff member is thoroughly screened, trained, and monitored to suit our clients’ safety, security, and professional standards. From security officers to front-desk staff and concierge, our staffing personnel provides needed services to increase your facility’s efficiency and visitor experience.

Easier staffing, complete peace of mind, backed by QFS.

Our Concierge & Security Services divisions are under the direct management of Yesi Lura:

Director of Security

Yesi LOra

Get to Know Yesi: Our Director of Security and Staffing, including Greater Shield and VIP Concierge, Yesi manages the safety and operations a diverse selection of QFS facilities. With her extensive background in facility security, Yesi provides the industry expertise and hand-selected personnel needed to keep each client property protected and operating smoothly. Whether a facility requires 9-to-5 receptionists or 24-hour security, Yesi’s multi-faceted specialties and expert supervision allow her to guide each staffing project to a satisfying resolution.

TEL: 718.935.9923 x 206

Yesi is just one phone call away for safer, smoother facility staffing.

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