Every construction site includes its unique set of hazards and safety concerns. The changing seasons and the dropping temperatures creates risks that need to be addressed while working on site. As the winter chill creeps in, consider implementing these tips to stay safe and warm.


  1. Dress Appropriately

It’s important to retain your mobility while on the job. However, it’s just as important to stay warm. Meet both needs by packing warm layers with you that can be easily put on and taken off as needed throughout the day.


  1.  Use Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are relatively inexpensive and can be extremely effective at keeping your hands warm. If your job is to remain stationed in a specific location, place the hand warmer there. Alternatively, use time during breaks to warm up your hands at the stations.


  1. Stay in Motion

Staying active encourages the movement of a steady blood flow to your extremities. Stay in motion to increase healthy circulation and help your body stay warm.


  1. Work Indoors Whenever Possible

Whatever you can accomplish while being indoors, do indoors. If you must be outside, be sure to go indoors and near heat during breaks.


  1. Drink Warm Fluids

Drinking warm teas, soups, and coffee helps to warm the body internally and can help ward off cold. Keep a canteen with you and sip hot fluids throughout the day.


  1. Use Heated Clothing

Heated jackets encourage blood circulation to your extremities and keep you warm. If you do not want to purchase a new coat, consider buying a battery operated heater and position it in your work jacket. Heated gloves, socks, and insoles are all great additions to warm work attire.


  1. Be Aware of Symptoms

Some signs of cold-induced maladies include clumsy movements, uncontrolled shivering, slurred speech, confused behavior, and fatigue. If you experience or observe someone exhibiting this behavior while on site, be sure to say something and take immediate action.


  1. Schedule Mindfully

Although it is cold to work outside during the winter months no matter what, capitalize on the warmest times of the day by scheduling the bulk of the work during the brightest and warmest hours.


  1.  Keep your Feet Dry

Rain, snow, and other elements will all cause your boots to get wet. Always make sure to dry your boots overnight before putting them back on the next day. Invest in a boot dryer, which is relatively cheap and extremely effective at helping your boots thoroughly dry.


  1. Use a Neck Gaiter

Don’t forget your neck! Use a neck gaiter that is long enough to pull towards your cheeks on cold and windy days. Adjust it as needed throughout the day.


Working on site during the winter can be hard. The air whips you around, snow falls past you, and the rain can get you wet. However, with the right steps, you can remain warm and dry to the best of your ability. Take these preventative tips to stay comfortable while on site. Your body will thank you.


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