Whether building a skyscraper or renovating a city-block, most project managers already know that post-construction clean-up is the next task on their to-do list. After all, debris, dust, and materials need to be removed before furniture or tenants can be moved in.

But surprisingly, scheduling mid-construction clean-up and maintenance during construction projects is an important step that’s often overlooked.

What’s the big idea? On-site cleanup during construction is more than just an added expense. With a construction-trained maintenance crew at your site, your project proceeds with increased safety, satisfaction, and legal standards.

Read below to find out the main benefits of mid-construction cleaning and maintenance.



During construction and renovation, collected rubbish and debris pile up around the job site—cluttering the area and making surfaces more precarious for workers and equipment.

Scheduling regular maintenance and garbage removal keeps construction projects organized, task completion more efficient, and the site safer for workers and visitors (especially if the site is exposed to rain, snow, or wildlife).

Visitor and Resident Satisfaction

As construction continues, residents and visitors quickly lose patience with dirt and garbage in their way. Residential and office spaces may face complaints from their tenants, and commercial facilities may see the impact in their bottom line as visitors avoid shopping or passing through due to an unsightly mess.

A trained maintenance crew not only reduces the eyesore of a construction site, but also manages debris to ensure that walkways and public areas remain clean and clear for passerby.

Legal Standards

Depending on your site location and materials used, cleaning up may be more than a good idea—legal inspection may require approved maintenance and hazardous waste removal to keep up to code.  To avoid costly fees or timeline delays, discuss your legal requirements with a specialized maintenance provider as soon as possible.


Overview: Keeping your job site clean mid-construction keeps your workers safe, your project on-schedule, and your facility occupants satisfied for easier, better progress



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