Flu season is no joke, and this year’s strain may be even tougher to combat than usual. But before you notice sick days piling up, take the time to review your maintenance and keep your facility germ-free and in the best of health.

Luckily, there’s one step you can take to stop germs in their tracks and prevent the spread of coughing, sneezing, and the sniffles. The trick? Disinfect high-touch areas regularly, preferably with a disinfectant registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Top 4 Places to Disinfect Daily


1. Doorknobs & Handrails

These high-traffic areas are often overlooked but are one of the most notorious spreaders of germs in your facility.


2. Restroom Doors & Sinks

Always an important area to keep clean, restroom facilities need extra attention when colds and coughs are spreading.


3. Office Phones

Not only are shared phones host to office germs, but users hold them close to their eyes and mouth, making cleanliness even more important.


4. Desk Surface

When desks are used for computers, phones, a quick lunch, and more, regular disinfecting keeps this most-used surface sanitary.


One more trick: winter means it’s time to increase your maintenance services to keep your facility neat, clean, and sanitized. Choose a maintenance crew trained in handling disinfectants safely for a healthier, cleaner facility.


QFS’ steady maintenance team is fully-licensed, OSHA-certified, and trained for safety standards. We use effective, eco-friendly products in every facility to keep your property breathing easy.

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