When trying to ascertain how safe is your work environment, ask yourself the following three valuable questions:

  1. Are your personnel adept at discerning potential threats?

  2. Do your personnel take necessary precautions when showing or inspecting properties?

  3.  Do your personnel receive training that provides them with the information they need to ensure their safety?

You may think your staff knows when dangerous situations might arise or which situations might constitute a danger and a potential liability. You may believe they’re already taking the necessary precautions. However, assumptions are not enough to ensure the safety of your employees or the prospects who come to look at the properties you manage. Never leave anything up to chance. Remember, “common sense” isn’t always so common.

Even in a situation where it seems obvious to you that something is a potential hazard, your personnel may assume that your business is immune to it if you haven’t made them aware.

Rather than wait for disaster to strike, start familiarizing yourself with various strategies you can employ in case of an emergency. Below are seven tips you can implement to make your office space a safer place to work.

  1. Offer your personnel a safety solution they can use to quickly warn other staff members of a potential threat.

  2. Create a disaster plan that includes detailed instructions of what to do if an emergency unfolds.

  3. Write a clear list of essential do’s and don’ts for personnel to follow when they show clients a property.

  4. Include all of the safety policies in your employee manual as well as in your policy and procedures manuals.

  5. Get your personnel involved when reviewing the material by asking them if they have any other valuable ideas to contribute.

  6. Remember that different seasons pose different threats. Prepare for each season by reviewing the safety material at different times throughout the year.

  7. Have office and emergency numbers made known and make sure all personnel have these numbers on speed dial.

The safety of you and your personnel should always be a top priority. By devoting time and effort towards ensuring greater security in the workplace, your employees will feel protected, appreciated, and motivated. Taking measures will not only ensure your employees’ safety but will boost their morale as well. And, that’s something that will benefit your business both in the short and the long-run.


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