With the cooling of temperatures and the arrival of Autumn, flu season is fast approaching. What may start out as an innocuous sniffle can easily explode into severe symptoms that lead to the flu. When working in a commercial facility, it is easy for others to get sick as well. Below are 7 cleaning tips you can implement to create a healthy facility work environment.


  1. Identify and Clean Hotspots

Know what the main contact points are in your facility and aim to clean them three times a day. While bacterial hotspots differ from place to place, some common ones are door handles, fridge and microwave handles, counters, and tables.


  1. Use the Right Cleaning Agents

When cleaning the office during flu season, it’s best to use disposable and disinfecting products. Disinfecting wipes, paper towels, and a multi-purpose disinfectant spray are all great options to use compared to the average sponge, which tend to harbor bacteria.


  1. Encourage Clean Hands

In addition to sanitizing the office regularly, encourage people to keep their hands clean by keeping all soap dispensers filled with enough soap to last the day. To prevent the spread of the flu, it’s important to have enough soap sink by the kitchen and in the dispensers in the bathroom.


  1. Sanitize Desks

Place hand sanitizing wipes near each deskspace to remind people to regularly clean their tables, which are often breeding grounds for bacteria.


  1. Disinfect work phones

The phone is a common ground for bacteria to spread. Because phones are placed by the face and are used regularly, failing to clean them can cause workers to get sick. Routinely wipe down the phone with disinfecting wipes at the end of each day.


  1. Consider hiring

Minimizing the spread of germs in a commercial facility can be a taxing job. Consider hiring proper janitorial cleaning services to make sure that it is receiving the cleaning it needs to prevent people from getting sick.


Preventing the flu during this time of year can be tricky. However, with the right cleaning steps and preventative measures, you can ensure that the health of all workers at the site is best protected.



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