At the time of this writing, COVID-19 is still raging and disrupting business as usual. Many facilities are open, and others are planning to reopen soon. This means we must all take the proper precautions, and at times, even implement radical safety measures. Below are 7 friendly tips your facility should implement to create a healthy work environment and minimize the spread of Coronavirus. 

  1. Masks, Sanitizer, and Social Distancing

We’ve all seen and heard the reminders, but let’s start with the basics. Take care to provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the office and follow all CDC guidelines as well as local ordinances. Keep desks and workstations at least 6 feet apart and try to keep staff from interacting too closely. Encourage employees to wear a mask outside the office, and make sure that everyone remembers to wear a mask while in the office whenever they are away from their desks. Consider using this as a fun opportunity to foster a sense of camaraderie and team spirit by ordering colorful, stylish masks emblazoned with your company logo for your entire staff.  


  1. Identify and Clean Hotspots

Identify the main points of contact in your facility and aim to clean them three times a day. While bacterial hotspots differ from place to place, some common ones are door handles, fridge and microwave handles, counters, and tables. 


  1. Use the Right Cleaning Agents and Disinfectants

Use disposable disinfecting products, such as disinfecting wipes, paper towels, and a multi-purpose disinfectant spray. These are all preferable options to the average sponge, which tends to harbor bacteria. To achieve a more thorough cleaning in half the time, we recommend utilizing electrostatic disinfecting spray.


  1. Encourage Hand Washing 

In addition to sanitizing the office regularly, encourage people to keep their hands clean by keeping all soap dispensers filled with enough soap to last the day. To prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19, it’s important to have enough soap next to the sink in the kitchen and in the dispensers in the bathroom.


  1. Sanitize Desks

Place hand sanitizing wipes near each deskspace or workstation and remind people to regularly wipe down their tables, which are often breeding grounds for bacteria. 


  1. Disinfect Work Phones

The phone is a common ground for bacteria to spread. Because phones are placed by the face and used regularly, failing to disinfect them can spread sickness throughout the office. Routinely wipe down the phone with disinfecting wipes at the end of each day. 


  1. Consider Hiring a Cleaning Crew

Minimizing the spread of germs in a commercial facility is a taxing job. The current pandemic is an especially good reason to take extra precautions. Don’t leave it to chance. Hire a reputable janitorial cleaning service who will keep your facility clean and prevent the people inside from getting sick. 

We can all do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. By swiftly taking preventative measures and implementing the right cleaning procedures, you can ensure that the health of your employees, clients, and their families is best protected.

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